About Souldust

We believe in approaching life as both curious seeker and deep listener.

In the magic of trusting creativity and intuition.

In the spiritual power of towering trees and crashing waves.

In connections forged around kitchen tables and campfires.

In community, and a willingness to show up, see and be seen.

That the soul of the world lives in all of us. In you.

(Also, we really love sparklers. Especially when dancing under the stars to Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling.” Try it.)


Dusting off the Soul?

Ever felt like you’re sleepwalking through the days, disconnected from your inner spark? Hitting the daily snooze button? Souldust was founded in response to that thin haze of grime over our window into life.  Inspired by Picasso’s “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” we set out to form a collective, a community united in the call to wake up our innate wisdom, to claim our cellular, energetic connectedness to this planet, this universe, each other.

To wash away the dust not just with art, but with all the important things – OUR important things, whether they be art, nature, exploration, compassion, wonder, laughter – that remind us how to be authentically ourselves. 

It started with a single collage workshop. Now, through an amazing tribe of Guides from around the world, Souldust offers camps, workshops, travel retreats and coaching that show you a path back to who were you before the compromises that polished down your magnificent, sparkling, rough edges. We hold a mirror up to your magic.




Remove the grey outer armor of expectations, engage your heart and reconnect with your technicolor sparkle at creative, intuitive workshops.


Travel Retreats

Travel to a distant locale – and come home to yourself. Find your connection to the soul of the world through rich experiences in a new culture.


1:1 Sessions

Take a practical, playful, individualized journey of the soul with us, to create a life that aligns inside and out.

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