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Alexis Saloutos

"We all carry our own medicine. Chakredy® is mine. Over decades of academic study, clinical training and intuitive development, I accessed what has always been within me." Alexis is the founder of Chakredy®, a system of energetic assessment and healing that helps to identify and prioritize energetic imbalances. It provides a context to develop your intuitive gifts, experience healing and facilitate the healing process for others.

Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN holds her degrees in nutrition from Bastyr University. She has trained in a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, Craniosacral, Autonomic Response Testing, Applied Psychoneurobiology, Flower Essences and more. While many life experiences and teachings have supported the culmination of what is now the Chakredy® System, her work has been deeply inspired by the teachings of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Lili Momeyer and Olivia Carey.

Chakredy® is an energy field that Alexis engages with directly. She attunes, trains and certifies other practitioners in this method as it encompasses an entire system of energetic assessment, healing and vibrational remedies. The Chakredy® System has revealed itself over the years through pendulum work and the dreamscape, bridging the seen with the unseen. It is an assimilation of guidance from mentors from this life and beyond and a lineage of ancient teachings that have been reclaimed through remembering, pulled through the ethers into form. With an international outreach, Alexis helps others to embody their inherent intuitive abilities, expand their energetic awareness and experience magic both personally and professionally.

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Carla Jean Lundgren

Through years of yoga experience, Carla shares resources and tools for healing, connection, wholeness, peace, strength, flexibility, contentment and self-confidence. She teaches to better understand her own true Self and give back as a gesture of gratitude for the blessings she has received. She specializes in techniques for self-regulation, self-care and therapeutic healing.

Born in California, Carla moved around as a Navy brat. She landed in the Pacific Northwest at age 10 and has called it home ever since. Now, she is a solo mom raising an amazing teenage boy who makes her smile just for being part of her world. Her favorite cuddle partner is her beagle, Rocco the Dog, and her favorite kind of high is laughing until tears run down her face.

Carla was a business banker for over 10 years before going back to school and opening her own yoga studio in 2012, trading in nylons and heels for stretchy pants and mala beads.

Her most memorable teaching moment: Assisting James Fox from the Prison Yoga Project in a yoga class at San Quentin prison with 20 military vets serving life sentences.

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Heather Fantin

Spiritual Breakthrough & Mindset Coach, Heather Fantin is an expert in personal transformation and empowerment. For two decades, Heather has been gathering experience and education that puts her on the cutting edge of inner work to facilitate lasting change. She is the Founder of the Soul on Fire Retreats for women, a personal growth intensive that helps you to bust through fears and become your most empowered self.

If you are ready to finally be free from your past, end toxic patterns in relationships, awaken inner wisdom, find love for yourself in the present, and live a life of passion and purpose, then Heather is your Guide. Her proven methods facilitate lasting transformation through her workshops, retreats, and private coaching programs.

You will come to know a deep sense of inner peace and happiness, even amidst the chaos of life as you learn to lean in and embrace all that life offers, transforming your pain into purpose and wounds into wisdom. She is highly skilled at helping you get to the heart of the matter, peeling away the layers that are blocking you from your deeper truth as you transform negative self-talk, upgrade your mindset, and attract the life and relationships you truly desire.

Heather combines her vast life experience and highly intuitive nature with Transformational Inner Work, Mindset and Belief Reprogramming, Shadow Work, Meditation & Mindfulness Practices, Energy Balancing, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Whole Health Education, Mind-Body Medicine, ancient wisdom and modern spiritual teachings.

Being around her makes you breathe a little deeper as her loving, wise presence guides you to the truth and happiness that is within.

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Irene Ingalls

Irene Iris Ingalls  is an Alchemical Energy and Sound Healing Practitioner who speaks and scribes the Language of Light, a multi-dimensional language comprised of light codes for transformation and healing.

Irene began her professional Sound Healing training in 2004, with Master Sound Shaman and teacher, Tom Kenyon and recently with sound healer and teacher Jonathan Goldman. Irene has been a practicing alchemical energy healer and Reiki practitioner for over 11 years with her work deeply steeped in the wisdom teachings of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

In May 2015, she opened Seattle Sound Temple to showcase Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls and to provide a space where the arts, both healing and experimental can thrive and be shared. Irene leads small spiritual travel groups to Egypt and Peru annually and holds regular healing sound baths for the Seattle community at the Sound Temple every week.

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Jennifer MacNiven

Jennifer teaches people to tune into themselves -- their breath, bodies and mind – through yoga, photography, and mindful wellness. She teaches how to tune into the your environment and be mindful of your connection with it, and how to tune into how you feed your body and the relation is has to your whole self. Her passion is helping others explore their inner and outer worlds.

She has spent the last few years traveling the world, most recently setting up residence in Bali. She feels strongly that it is her soul’s path to travel, be in nature, and be in motion. It is in her blood to be moving around and experiencing what life has to offer, learning about other cultures and capturing their essence with her “soul” photography experience.

Jen is a certified yoga instructor and health and wellness coach. She translates her passion for these practices, as well as her boundless love for and experience in traveling, into personal coaching and travel retreats. She is also a long-time professional photographer, which lends itself well to seeing things from a new perspective and creating lifestyle shifts.

She loves dancing and moving her body, hugs and conscious connections, being outdoors, camping, biking, swimming, chocolate… LIFE. In her words: “Pacha Mama … Mother Gaia … Mother Earth … she has so much to offer and share and I love being her forever student!”

Jen’s favorite childhood activity: Playing outside in fields, gathering unique plants, admiring them and putting them into a “brew” to active powers.

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Dr. Juliana Morris

Dr. Juliana Morris is the “girl next door” (with a PhD) -- she’s always up for a down-and-dirty conversation about sexuality and intimacy. As a credentialed therapist, academic, and a bona fide (s)expert, Dr. Juliana has spent decades counseling and supporting thousands of women on their paths to discover and own their sexual agency.

Having traversed her own journey through love, loss, motherhood, and the world of academics, Dr. Juliana has come to understand that ownership of one’s own sexuality is at the core of every strong, confident woman. She has developed a clear, action-driven method to help women of all backgrounds discover their own power through sexual exploration, and she’s created an online sisterhood where women can stay connected as they transform their lives. Dr. Juliana believes that when women share their feelings about sexuality in a safe space, magic is made.

Certified by Betty Dodson as a BodySex Workshop facilitator, Dr. Juliana offers tons of tips, insight and support for getting started on your journey to discovering and owning your sexuality, and she also offers online courses and programs for becoming your own (s)expert over at

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Lola Medicine Keeper

Meet Lola Medicine Keeper… alchemystic shaman, healer of soul loss, ceremonialist, pattern tracker, soul whisperer to the wild animal within. Lola walks with those on the path to Awakening.

Her shamanic fusion work is designed to help you remember that you are powerful, imbued with magic, and designed for ecstasy. You are all things sacred and a house for the holy… Our world is meant to be a playground for all beings (including you). If you crave an unleashing, Lola’s offerings include worldwide shamanic play retreats, large and small group immersions, ritual design, shamanic healing, soul mentoring, and her free podcast, all available at

Lola’s one-on-one sessions are a unique blend of soul mentoring (certified by Robin Rice), shamanic healing, and life coaching. She’s been told that these sessions feel like being with part-camp-counselor, part depth psychologist, part healer-shaman, and part best friend. People come away from the time together with deeper connections to their bodies and their guides, and newfound access to hidden reserves of power and courage.

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Mellissae Lucia

Melissae’s great passion is to rekindle the innocent joy within each of us. Life is a great treasure hunt to reclaiming the wild beauty within, and living from that inspiring place. All of Mellisae’s work is designed to help us embody our essential creative knowing.

She is a sixth generation Northwest native who grew up in Seattle’s studio glass art movement. Melissae worked for Dale Chihuly as a teenager and was deeply inspired by his independent visions. In her 20’s, she lived in Milan, Italy. Her educational background is in child development, archetypal psychology, and social justice issues. She also went through a “Martha Stewart” phase, getting married and looking forward to having children.

When Mellissae was 33, her husband died of cancer, sending her on a seven-year Vision Quest to resurrect herself. The Oracle of Initiation divination deck emerged from that transformative time and she now teaches about the beauty of our rainbows in the dark the paradox of our greatest gifts hidden within our shadows. Mellissae is currently working on a new deck and book about tapping into our wild creative freedom.

Mellissae has always been a very curious and enthusiastic person who sees the world as a magical playground. Nature is her true home, but she is also an urban explorer who adores hip-hop, graffiti, and the vitality found in the city. Having grown up in a family of artists, every cell in her body is attuned to recognizing the beauty within everything.

Photo credit: Theresa Pridemore

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Michelle Allen, MACP

Michelle digs relationship: relationship with earth, self, others, and the infinite. She believes that strengthening these relationships is the Heartbeat of emotional and spiritual healing.

Michelle works within herself and with her clients in a high integrity, low razz environment to explore, confront, contemplate, wrestle with, and celebrate the breathtaking (…and often maddening) nuances of being human. You can find her leading meditative retreats in the Olympic Mountains or meeting 1:1 with clients for reiki, energy analysis, and counseling in Seattle.

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Miik Wells

Miik (pronounced "Mike") is a learning facilitator by trade, experiential educator by desire, and lifelong learner by inheritance—basically, an initiator and instigator of adventurous, creative learning. He has served children, youth, and adults in multiple capacities and environments in the realm of group learning for almost two decades.

Miik’s professional background includes: working with Air Force personnel at the Pentagon; serving homeless men, women, and children in shelters and transitional housing; teaching preschool and elementary school children movement and enrichment activities; volunteering as a co-instructor with a weekend empowerment workshop; and, facilitating challenge/ropes course teambuilding activities and experiences.

His dynamic, comprehensive approach to programming, curriculum development, and interactive engagement, along with his keen ability to connect with a wide spectrum of people—from children to adults, from homeless to affluent, from developmentally typical to developmentally challenged, from individuals to groups—is his intuitive feel for cultivating an effective, inclusive relationship context.

With an openness to always continue learning and a desire to always challenge himself to grow, Miik will add a magical dimension of curiosity and playfulness to an already dynamic and deep camp feel.

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Nicole Marie LM, CPM

Before she ever became a Midwife or Spiritual Mentor, Nicole was highly empathic and intuitive. For many years, she allowed my voice and intuition to be influenced by others, losing myself in the process. Over the last 15 years, Nicole has worked hard to find her voice and re-discover her intuition -- cultivating sacred moments in the ordinary and using rituals to weave it all together.

Now, Nicole is on a mission to help everyone shine their light fully, claim their power, discover their voice, intuition and live the life they have always dreamed of. After burning out in her career as a midwife, she left to follow the urging of her Soul to hold space for those worldwide seeking to rebirth their everyday lives into their works to art.

During her 10 years as a midwife and 3 years studying with a Shaman, Nicole held sacred space for women in various settings. Now, she guides women through the physical, emotional and spiritual birth process, rebirthing their lives, themselves and their Souls in the process.

Her passion lies in helping others get unstuck, connect to their intuition, and discover how they want their lives to feel. By connecting to feelings, the Soul’s purpose comes shining through, leading to more authentic lives. Nicole knows that everything is more fulfilling when you are connected deeply to yourself first … then the world around you follows.

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Rachel Ford

Founder of Souldust, Rachel lives by the "teach what you need" principle and infuses all Souldust offerings with her passion for creativity, intuition, and connection to the soul of the world through art, tree hugging and travel.

She has been creative since she could hold a crayon in her chubby toddler fist, and led by her intuition for…well, forever. But she strayed from her soul’s path for 15+ years to become a single mother, MBA-holdin’ software executive, triathlete and general overachiever.

While these life choices can be (and sometimes were) guided by intuition, often they ignored natural instinct and resulted in stress, depression and health issues. An overwhelming sense of restlessness, sensory overload and detachment from life’s joys led her back to the paintbrush, journal, hiking trail, yoga mat and passport. To a return to an internal clarity as fresh as mountain air and deep intuitive knowing of what her soul is craving (mostly needs that can be met at summer camp, in an art shack or next to a campfire).

Rachel facilitates workshops, camps, travel adventures and 1:1 coaching. She is an RYT-200 certified yoga teacher and licensed Desire Map facilitator. When not teaching or trying to walk the Souldust path, she can be found hugging her golden retrievers (Betty and Henry), nerding out at sci-fi movies with her teenage son, rearranging the furniture yet again, buying too many art supplies.

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Spring Courtright

Spring is an outdoor instructor and environmental educator who has dedicated much of her life to connecting people to the beauty and joy of the natural world.

She’s taught kayaking, standup paddleboarding, canoeing, snowboarding, dog sledding and mountain biking, among other things. She also owns Spring Cleaning Home Organization, though which she helps people clear clutter to create space for their dreams to come true. In all she does, Spring strives to infuse people with joyful inspiration.

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Suzanne Ragan Lentz

Suzanne Ragan Lentz trained as an artist as a way to channel her psychic childhood into an acceptable career until her quest for conception led her down an unconventional path of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and energy medicine as a means to find her spirit baby.  

This empowering experience enabled her to birth her life’s work as an energy intuitive, shamanic herbalist, and spirit baby whisperer. In private session work, Suzanne harnesses the velocity of all-encompassing light to remove blocks from the subtle energy body so clients are able to ground in their own unique energy and clearly birth their business, career, baby, or life.

Suzanne founded Botany of the Soul, a product line created to support the energetic system of the body. Whole plants in combination with minimal processing are used to create energetic salves and energy clearing products. The energetics of the plants work with the energetics of the energy system in the human body to bring your system into balance.

She grew up in the woods of rural Maryland where the murmured voices of the trees and plants first made themselves known. As an adult, she moved around the country before finding her center by splitting time between the flora and fauna of Seattle and Nevada. She loves urban hiking, foraging, Orcas Island, and snuggling with her husband and dog.

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Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith works with individuals to help them find clarity on their life's purpose and strengthen their personal power through her astrological and empathic abilities.

“It’s funny how things change. Every once in a while something will come into your life, and forever after you are changed by it. For me, this something was astrology. I feel like the knowledge and understanding I have of this medium was given to me, but the trade off was I was meant to share it. And not just with others, but also with myself. The depths of knowledge I have found from analyzing my own chart, has healed me in ways I didn’t even know were broken. There are very few things that bring me more joy than to see this same transformation in others just from hearing the information in their chart explained to them. What a gift that I get to share this powerful, healing tool with the world.”

Veronica has been a professional astrologer since 2012 working with clients from all over the US and Europe. She has also been a professional artist since 2008, having shown and sold artwork in many cities around the US as well as Florence, Italy and London, England. The combination of these two loves formed into Soul Map Mandalas in 2014.