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We know you have all the questions racing through your mind… so here are answers to some of the more common inquiries. If you have another question that isn’t addressed here, please reach out to us at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Registering for Camp

How much is Camp Souldust?
Alumni campers get first dibs on bunks, so space is limited. Pricing is in tiers – in other words, the earlier you sign up, the better your price of entry!  2018 full price registration is $725. Get $100 off ($625) if you are one of the first 40 campers to register for our open bunks.

Extended payment plans are available, based on the number of months until the first day of Camp. There is no service fee for registering with a plan. For example, if you register 6 months early at $625, your plan will be a bit over $100/month for 6 months. Registration must be paid in full by the time you arrive at Camp.

What is included in the ticket price?
Your price of admission is jam-packed with experiences and goodness. Registration includes 3 nights lodging, 9 meals + snacks, a care package of goodies, and the opportunity to participate in daily movement classes, up to 7 soul+play workshops with an amazing lineup of teachers, daily group activities, nightly campfires, and much more.  Similar camps charge $1000 or more!  For further details on what’s included, see the About Camp page.
What is the cancellation policy?
Due to the complexity of organizing an event of this nature, registrations in Camp Souldust are non-refundable. This includes registrations using payment plans. In the event Camp is sold out, we may have a waiting list to which tickets can be transferred, but this is not guaranteed. If you need to cancel and are unable to transfer (see below), your registration is converted to a scholarship. (In other words, we put your registration to good use.)
Is my ticket transferable?
Yes!  Your registration is fully transferable. If you find yourself unable to attend, you may transfer the balance – paid or unpaid – to a friend, colleague or family member. To arrange a transfer, contact us and let us know you won’t be able to make it (sad face) and your recipient’s full name and email address. We’ll send you both a confirmation and collect the remaining registration details from the recipient.



Being a Camper

Who is invited?
Camp Souldust attracts a lovely, like-minded crew of campers who are full of fun and soul. Registration is open to adults of any gender, over the age of 18. Past campers have ranged from 19 to 70+. Camp Colman is located on a forest hillside so accessibility may be a challenge for some; we recommend taking that into consideration if you have any physical limitations. And, although we love our furry friends, Camp Souldust is for human friends only. 
How can I make sure I'm with my friends?
We love it when a lively group of friends decide to descend upon our Camp! At registration, you will be given the opportunity to specify a roommate(s) as well as a counselor if you’ve been invited by a specific counselor. If you forget or need to add someone, just send us an email!
Can I stay with my partner?
While the Camp is coed, we do not have private rooms or cabins available for couples. All of our cabins are open layout with shared baths, so they are same-gender. Currently, if you register with your opposite gender partner, you will be in separate cabins. No worries, you’ll have plenty of time to spend together throughout the weekend, as well as forge new friendships in your respective cabins. Note: We are evaluating whether to have a gender-neutral cabin in 2018.
Can I come solo?
Absolutely! Many of our campers sign up solo and leave with new soul friends  — this is the most frequent praise we hear from campers after Camp Souldust ends. By removing ourselves from the hum of everyday life and expectations, people are more open, available and excited to make real connections.


Getting to Camp

How do I get to Camp?
The address for Camp Colman is 20016 Bay Road KPS, Longbranch, WA. Conveniently situated on the Key Peninsula in Longbranch, WA, the Camp is no more than 60-90 minutes driving distance from major Washington metropolitan areas such as Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia. Click here for directions.

What time does everything start and end? Can I arrive late / leave early?
We gather as a group after dinner on Friday, around 6 PM. Check in as early as 3:30 PM to give yourself time to wander the beach or woods, or simply chill on the dock. We wrap up after lunch on Monday, no later than 2 PM.

Late arrivals are discouraged. We ask that you arrive no later than 6 PM to prevent disruption both to the campers and to staff manning the check-in process. If you have special circumstances for late arrival, please contact us. Early departures on Sunday evening are OK if necessary (we’ll miss you!), but you will miss one round of workshops and possibly closing ceremony. Sorry, no discounted rates for early departures. There are also no in and out privileges, due to disruption.

Is transportation included?
Not at this time, but we love to see ride shares come together. It’s Earth Day weekend! You will be able to connect with people on the Camp Souldust event group on Facebook to coordinate ride sharing with someone in your area. Note: A shuttle for 2018 is under consideration, depending on demand.
Is there parking?
Yes, there are several parking lots at Camp Colman. However, because this is typically a youth camp, there are limited parking spaces — another reason we recommend ride sharing to make sure we have enough parking for everyone.


Food & Lodging

What is the lodging like?
The cabins at Camp Colman are charming and rustic. The classic wooden cabins help you submerge into the full camp experience. Sturdy bunk beds line the walls of a large open room where years of laughter and pillow fights have filled days and nights. The rear of each cabin has a quiet deck overlooking the lagoon, ready for morning journaling or late night conversation. There’s one bathroom per cabin. Surrounded by your cabin mates, camaraderie is naturally built into the experience.
Will I have to use an outhouse or separate bathhouse?
As mentioned, there’s one modern bathroom per cabin, with shower, sink(s) and flush toilet. No worries about late night excursions in the dark to an outhouse. We do encourage you to relax for the weekend, take advantage of your time in the woods to be natural and comfortable… consider leaving the curling iron back at home.
What will I eat/drink? What if I have dietary restrictions?
We believe that food should nourish your soul as well as your belly. That’s why we’ve made sure your meals are better than the average camp food. The food will be fresh, healthy and filling, similar to that served at Camp Colman’s adult Wellness Weekends. Past meals have included fresh fruits, homestyle chilis and stews, delicious pasta & seafood dishes, and so much more.

If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know in your camper registration. We support most common restrictions, such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. We’ll happily work with the chefs to ensure your Camp Souldust experience is delicious!


What to Bring

What do I need to bring?
Prior to Camp, you will receive a suggested packing list including pro tips from alumni campers. For the basics, plan on bringing bedding & towel(s). Pack a variety of comfortable layers – there will be plenty of outdoor time plus movement, so make sure your outfits are flexible. The trails are mellow, but it doesn’t hurt to bring dirt-friendly shoes. Yoga mat & attire if you’ve signed up for yoga. And don’t forget a nice warm jacket for the evenings! It will be spring, so the weather may still be cool.
Should I bring bedding & towels?
Yes, this is the traditional summer camp experience, so bring your own pillow, sleeping bag and/or other bedding, as well as your own towel(s). It is not uncommon for our campers to go a bit overboard, blanket forts are not an unusual sighting!
What happens if it rains?
Rain is good for the soul and the earth. Bring rain gear and have a great time splashing in mud puddles!


Tech, Drugs & Alcohol

(not to be confused with sex, drugs & rock & roll)

What’s the deal with cell phones and other technology?
First of all, phone service and wi-fi connectivity are not all that great out in the woods. But, more importantly, you’ve taken the time out of your life to do some soulful exploration which we believe is best experienced in the analog real world. Phones are great to have on hand to take photos, but we’d love to see you 100% game-on present without the distractions of social media or texting. Check your tech. Your experience will be so much richer.
What if there is an emergency back home and someone needs to reach me?
Just before we depart for camp, you will be given emergency contact information to share with your family, and we will collect their contact details. This is typically a camp landline. The on-call contact at the camp will track you down in case of emergency. Again, we encourage you to unplug as much as possible. 
Will there be alcohol?
YMCA Camp Colman is a youth summer camp with policies that do not permit drugs or alcohol on their property. That said, we also believe you’ll get more out of Camp by having a “clean” weekend. Our schedule is packed full of juicy experiences. We’d hate for you to waste your time + investment and miss anything from your camp experience because you’re feeling under the weather.


Workshops & Teachers

How do I sign up for workshops?
You will have the ability to register for up to 7 workshops + 3 movement sessions through the weekend. The lineup of workshops and teachers is usually updated on an ongoing basis and finalized 8-12 weeks before Camp. Once the schedule is complete, you will receive notification that registration is open so you can sign up for the workshops that excite you the most. Most workshops have capacity limits (with waiting lists) so you’ll want to sign up right away once you get notified.
What's the deal with private sessions?
Throughout the weekend, there will be time slots where you can either chill out, participate in a group activity, or sign up for a private session. Examples of private sessions include energy healers, massage therapists, tarot readers, coaching and astrology readings. Private session sign-ups will be made available online in advance ~ they go quickly, so signing up ahead of time is recommended. Sessions are an additional cost beyond registration, and prices vary by provider but typically range from $100-150.
Are all body workers, who offer services at Camp Souldust, licensed or certified ?
Yes, anyone teaching workshops or offering private sessions related to bodywork will be licensed or certified in their respective field. This only applies to providers who are on the Camp Souldust workshop or session booking schedules.
What kind of physical condition do I need to be in to participate in workshops and activities?
All of the movement workshops (yoga, dance, etc.) are suited to all levels of experience. While we encourage participating to have the fullest experience, everything is optional if you feel uncomfortable. Note: The camp is built on a hillside, so be prepared to get your walk on at times.


Working with Camp Souldust

Do you need volunteers?
We typically recruit for very specific volunteer positions, such as photographers/videographers. Depending on the role, you may be eligible for free or heavily discounted registration. Some volunteers are required to arrive the night prior to Camp (Thursday, April 19).  If interested, email us at and let us know what you might be able to bring to the party!

We also welcome inquiries from anyone who is attending as a camper but just generally wants to help out because you like to be involved – we can always use extra hands at check-in, group activities, setup, tear-down and more.  No discount, just good karma.

We also take applications to be cabin counselors, a pivotal role to the success and good vibes of our Camp experience. Alumni counselors are allocated cabins first, then we open up for application. The counselor application will be published by July 2017.

Do you need more teachers?
Camp Souldust has a strong lineup of workshop leaders via our Souldust Guides + existing relationships and partnerships.  However, we always look for new magical contributions, especially to fill in a workshop gaps once the foundation schedule is finalized. If you have a strong offering of playful soul work in areas of creativity, energy, movement, or nature, email or check back for the application, which will open by July 2017.
Do you need more private session providers?
Possibly! We have a lineup of known providers, but typically have room for 3-4 more individuals who love to provide transformational 1:1 sessions. Examples include energy, consciousness and metaphysical practitioners, bodyworkers and coaches (reiki, massage, yoga, tarot, intuitive readings, etc). If interested please reach out to and let us know you’d like to be on the list to receive the application.
Do you need sponsors?
We love to talk with potential sponsors!   The 2018 Camp has room for several marquee sponsors, as well as food, beverage and swag sponsorships. Believe your product is a great fit for our 200+ campers+staff? Feel free to reach out to and let us know your thoughts.

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