Giving Back

For all Souldust events, we are honored to share 10% of our proceeds with charitable causes that are in alignment with our mission + vision. Because Camp Souldust 2017 falls on Earth Day weekend and is being held on Key Peninsula, we are delighted to have selected Wild Society, an outdoor education nonprofit based out of North Kitsap, which offers camps, classes, and community events for all ages and levels of experience.

Wild Society aim to reconnect human hearts with the everyday wild through adventure, scientific inquiry, storytelling, and hands-on skills. By cultivating attitudes of wonder and belonging in the natural world, we are expanding the community of people in all walks of life who advocate for the well-being of our planet.  You can learn more about Wild Society at


We are also supporting the More Love Letters project, a global non-profit organization using the power of social media to write and mail letters to strangers all over the world. More Love Letters lets anyone nominate someone in need of a love letter bundle, and then distributes the stories to their mailing list, giving thousands the opportunity to write a letter to help a person in need of compassion and support.

At Camp Souldust 2017, we will have a Love Letters project running throughout the weekend, where campers can collectively send our community’s overflowing love and magic, en masse out into the world. To sign up for the More Love Letters mailing list, visit