Sponsors + Partners

Each year, Camp Souldust collaborates with a limited number of partners who are in alignment with our our mission & vision of creating an inclusive, immersive experience of summer camp play + soul work. These partners help us deliver an amazing experience while still making the Camp accessible to as many as possible.

Camp Souldust offers an amazing, exclusive opportunity to share your brand with a vibrant group of individuals, year-round, both in the intimate setting of the Camp itself, as well as the broader, always-expanding community of the Souldust collective. To learn more about becoming a sponsor or partner of Souldust, and the benefits we offer in gratitude for your in-kind or monetary support, please contact us at


Some of our Camp Souldust 2017 Partners


photography partners

We are also grateful to the following seasoned, talented photographers who signed on to document all of the magical experiences of Camp Souldust 2017.

Stephanie Savoia

Melanie Boling