Magic in the Woods
Returning April 20-23, 2018  ~ Pacific Northwest, WA

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” ~John Muir

Camp Souldust

Imagine yourself…

on a floating dock in the middle of a sparkling lake looking up at the sky as dusk fades away to reveal the stars above.  You’re tired… but a good kind of tired, where you’ve expended energy refreshing your soul with laughter, movement, s’mores, new friends and a deeper understanding of your own personal magic. Welcome to Camp Souldust.


Making space for joy

Camp Souldust is where the simplicity of the summer camp meets a world of soulful exploration. You’ll become part of our group of vibrant, glorious, curious souls united in an analog, magic-infused experience complete with cabins, camp counselors and s’mores.  We’ll make space to help you unearth your soul’s calling right under the forest canopy.

A world apart, close to home

Camp Souldust is held at a beautiful, authentic, and rustic summer camp with all of the amenities, tucked into the woods on the shores of the Puget Sound. Just one hour from Seattle, our 4 day, 3 night camp combines the abandoned joy of traditional summer camp goodness with exploration of subjects like chakras, yoga, sound and forest bathing, breath work, animal guides and so much more.   View the 2017 Schedule.




Connection. Sacred Art. Movement. Rituals. Deep Conversation. Self-Love. Community.
Journaling. Meditation. Candlelight. Starlight.
Belly Laughs. Campfires. Hiking. 20 Pieces of Flair. Archery. Your People.


“The most AMAZING experience I’ve ever had in my life with some of the most awesome people I’ve ever met!!”

“Strangers excitedly greeted each other with Labrador levels of blissful abandon as we reveled in shared vulnerabilities and the emotional strength we witnessed in one another—especially after taking the (optional!) polar bear dip in the lake via a red plastic water slide. During the trip’s closing campfire, attendees of different generations (from 19-year-olds to boomers) shared their talents and stories of transformation. We laughed, we cried, we had an impromptu dance party.” –– Seattle magazine, on Camp Souldust 2017.

“Full on magic that will help you remember who you really are, and how this whole game of life is truly meant to be played. A gift to your soul.”

“Absolutely incredible, potentially life altering, an amazing experience in a deeply beautiful setting, a chance to reconnect to your childlike self and to connect with other phenomenal people, an opportunity to check out of the hustle and bustle and check into your heart, mind, body and soul… and to connect and share with and learn from other beautiful souls.”

Summer camp + soul work = magic.

Are you ready to make magic with us?

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Our 2018 Guides

Andréa Ranae

Social Change Coach + Facilitator + Writer

Darla Antoine

Ancestral Activist

Dylan Wilder Quinn

Trans Healer + Community Builder

Eric Isaac

Sound Weaver

Jennifer MacNiven

Joy Ringleader

Dr. Juliana Morris

Founder, Be Your Own (S)expert

Lola Medicine Keeper

Alchemystic Shaman, Ceremonialist

Mellissae Lucia

Intuitive Artist + Mischief Maker

Michelle Allen

Ecotherapist, Intuitive Healer

Miik Wells

Cheshire Catalyst

Nicole Donovan-Wells

Earth Medicine Warrior

Niema Lightseed

Medicinal Poet + Mythic Yoga Teacher

Rachel Ford

Souldust Founder + Shenanigans Ringleader

Rosie Llewellyn

Practitioner of Yoga, Art & Wild Happenings

Spring Courtright

Kayak Guide & Environmental Educator

Suzanne Ragan Lentz

Energy Intuitive and Shamanic Herbalist

Tigre Pickett

Shamanic Healer and Visionary Guide



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