“It’s hard to describe the synergy and magic that happens when you get a group of soulful, like-minded spirits to congregate in the woods for 4 days of soul searching and talking about plants and trees, how to live a break through life, finding your spirit animal, beading malas, being enveloped by a sound bath, learning the power of a pendulum, bonding with gorgeous souls and SO much more.” (Stephanie S.)

“If you ran them quarterly, I would go quarterly. I have a pretty high stress corporate job, and don’t often have the opportunity to spend time in the woods getting in touch with my divine feminine and tuning in to my intuition. I am completely grateful that Souldust exists, and that I found it. I believe in magic, but some places and people and experiences make it easier to believe in magic than others, and Souldust is pure magic. We all need more magic.” (Alicia C.)

“Camp Souldust is full-on magic that will help you remember who you really are, and how this whole game of life is truly meant to be played. It is a gift to your soul.”  (Veronica S.)

“This was an absolutely incredible, potentially life altering, amazing experience in a deeply beautiful setting, a chance to reconnect to your childlike self and to connect with other phenomenal people, an opportunity to check out of the hustle and bustle and check into your heart, mind, body and soul… and to connect and share with and learn from other beautiful souls. Camp connected me back to my spiritual side and helped me release some sadness and anxiety from 20 years ago. I’d like to see it spread throughout the country as this is energy and connection that’s so needed, both the connection to each other as well as to the natural world.” (Spring C.)

“Camp Souldust is the most AMAZING experience I’ve ever had in my life with some of the most awesome people I’ve ever met! It has forever changed me and the way I see myself and interact with others.” (Melanie S.)

“Words I would use to describe Camp: Spiritual, magical, enlightening, challenging, granola, grown-up summer camp, awe inspiring, peaceful, earthy.I had such a beautiful experience at Souldust. It was very interesting to see the wide range of personalities in the campers and share the journey with like-minded…..weird people.Wherever did so many different yet the same people find a path to each other? Kismet. I have a long way to go on my discovery journey and Souldust was but another step in the right direction. It’s an awesome feeling to be so free from conventional life. Ahhhhh…” (Debra H.)

“Camp Souldust brought me in closer contact with my intuition, and provided a safe warm space for me to exercise listening to my inner ‘yes and ‘no’s.” (Meia G.)


Serenade a stranger? CHECK. Awkwardly hug someone. CHECK. Do a hobby horse race? CHECK.

The wonderful variety of workshops. The caliber and talent of the teachers. One-on-one time with teachers.Laughing and eating chocolate on the water in a downpour. Astrology. Massage. Shamanic journeys. Mala making in a tent in the rain.

Favorite Things Mashup, Part 1

Coloring. Writing love notes. Finding love notes. Spontaneity. Yoga. Hikes. Archery. Big Swing. Sound baths. Arts & crafts. Canoeing. Dance parties. The general mood!

“Yes yes yes. I’ve always felt like an outsider. This tribe exists. It’s beyond meaningful. It’s beyond important. It fits my life’s mission. “Magic camp for adults” is my burst through the door descriptor of Camp Souldust. I’ve worked on the trails with recently homeless teens, with folks with deep pockets, with groups from Africa and China, with those dealing with deep social anxieties and existential depressions. These men and women of Camp… they were able to engage in the work in such deep and profound ways. I was deeply honored to witness it. I’m looking forward to continued relationship. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.” (Michelle A.)

“Camp Souldust is soul rejuvenation. I needed a community that feels the same way I do and I found it here.” (Karen T.)

“It’s hard to explain, you just have to be there ~ think magic, connections and fun! My circle has expanded, and seeing everyone be themselves, really gave me the ‘permission’ to be me. Not try to have to be “professional” or whatever. I didn’t feel there was a hierarchy of people. Everyone was approachable and learning together.” (Anon.)

“Camp was a magical experience, really. A chance to be real, raw, and truly let loose. A gift that you will never regret giving yourself. I learned a lot in each workshop. And I have a deeper appreciation for amazing people and finding the magic that we all have inside. Thank you for working so hard to make this space for us.” (Amanda W.)

“(2017) was my first year, I didn’t really know what to expect. Camp is amazing ~ you have to attend to really understand. More than yoga, meditation, and retreat – it’s welcoming, caring, you absolutely get out what you put in. I think there are seeds planted that will change me, although not sure exactly what/how.” (Marcia S.)

“Omg it’s only been a couple weeks back and the energy I felt in Camp is still going strong. I also have made some killer friends from this experience.” (Bridgit M.)

“Camp Souldust was an awesome weekend of inner exploration and experience in areas I had never known.  It opened my thoughts to another way of thinking, deeper. I learned how to meditate!” (Carla S.)

Favorite Things Mashup, Part 2

The amazing people. The feeling of community at the campfire every night. The connections and friendships made with incredible people. Meeting new people at the dinner table. Everyone was approachable and learning together. The friendly, warm faces. Hanging with my cabin mates. Social camaraderie. The love and judgment-free zone surrounding camp.

All the camp and get-to-know-you touches. Camp names. Counselors. Activity schedules. Pieces of flair.
Cabin dance moves. Camp talent show. Bunks. Polaroids. Campfires.

“SO DAMN FUN! LIFE CHANGING AND AWESOME adult play time in the forest, connecting with amazing people! Genius. Designed for me. I loved so much and feel so lucky to have it live on in my life every day.” (Jen B.)

“After Camp, I was able to make several connections with ways I was looking at things because the difference sessions kind of melded together and gave me some new insights. It’s a mix between traditional camp stuff like archery & canoeing, with topics around self exploration like plant medicine, sexuality, astrology and space clearing. It was awesome.” (Amy B.)

“I am on a journey to rediscover parts of me that I lost over the last 20 years. Camp came to me at just the right time to encourage me as I embark on this journey of rediscovery. It is a way to explore and get in touch with what sets one’s soul on fire. What a wonderful way to help me find myself again!”  (Sally T.)

“Camp allowed me to reconnect with my deeper and truer self. I left feeling motivated and ready to go. It changed my life in the most beautiful way. So much gratitude and love in my heart for the entire experience. The location is perfect ~ dreamy and beautiful. The choices for the workshops – everything was just amazing. Camp Souldust is where all the human fairies gather to spread their magic!”  (Katie B.)

“I have had a feeling for a long time that something was missing. I still don’t know quite what it was but I feel confident now in searching for it and starting on that path.” (Anon.)

“I came away from Camp Souldust with the reminder that when you are with people that are part of your tribe, it’s a special kind of freedom. It’s shocking what kind of mental energy is spent making sure we don’t say the wrong thing to the wrong person. But when I was at camp there was a giddy freedom of being silly, loudly cursing, and exploring the world with wonder with a group of like-minded nutjobs. As someone who can struggle with social anxiety, it was such a delight to be able to skip the small talk and get to the meat of people’s joys and fears. It. Was. Amazing. I added 30 new Facebook friends after camp. 30. As a person who is selective about who I let into that inner circle, that was amazing.” (Maureen J.)

“Camp Souldust is a retreat to explore your special place in the world, to connect with like minded souls who are seeking spiritual enrichment. A great place to just be yourself have fun and expand your circle of friends. I got out of my comfort zone, learned new stuff and was deeply encouraged by many of the trainers and co-campers.”  (Anon)

Favorite Things Mashup, Part 2

The overall environment inside and outside. Amazing food. Being in nature.
Frolicking in the woods. Sleeping on our deck. Hearing frogs at night. Ghost hunting. Group mixers.
Never a dull moment. Room to escape. Flexibility to change my mind. Free time. Everything scheduled and done for me.


“I learned a lot about my own magic at camp but my biggest take away was practical solutions for dealing with the everyday stress that I struggle to manage. I’m done between 3-5 of the techniques I learned at camp each day since and I’m in a much calmer place.” (Kris F.)

“After Camp, I feel more grounded and back on my path after two years of work craziness.” (Elizabeth H.)

“The classes were amazing and the people – wow never felt such love and acceptance before like that from an entire group.  It has changed the way both myself and my husband look at things now. The most amazing investment in time and money you would ever do for yourself of anyone you cared about!” (Charlene H.)

“Camp Souldust is a gathering of fun-loving, unconditionally-accepting folks who value the earth as well as what a spiritual world has to offer. I have a whole new community of caring folks to lean on! I plan to make this an annual “retreat” for myself, and I don’t know that I necessarily expected to want to come every year. Receiving the love and keeping camp “alive” beyond the time of camp is really amazing!” (Lesley H.)

“Camp Souldust is for friends, new friends, learning new things, stretching your comfort zone, being silly, being creative, feeling supported. You have created a wonderful experience and have a great group of co-creators, class leaders, camp counselors and all other supporters. I don’t know how you do it and I’m thankful you do! I came away and was able to be more relaxed in my real world. I enjoy the community after Camp, all the sharing and support.” (Roberta B.)

“OMG! Camp was amazing. Everything was so good. So well organized. So many bits of magic sprinkled everywhere. Workshops were incredible. I came home from camp feeling so empowered, so inspired, so motivated. Camp pushed me over an edge of self-confidence that I’d been struggling to cross. Loved it all!” (Erin B.)

“Camp Souldust was magical and life changing. It’s helped me get grounded and feeling healthier and lots of loving new people in my life. It was amazing and I am so thankful I got to be a part of it!” (Tirza C.)